The City Chapters are our voice and soul in every urban area of Switzerland!
A City Chapter consists of individuals, who are willing to contribute to Fashion Revolution Switzerland’s goals on a voluntary basis. For each member it is a great opportunity to get to meet and work with likeminded people. It combines the knowledge, passion, network and skills of local activists, brand owners, journalists, designers, makers or other backgrounds.

Together, we’re raising awareness and educating by organising, coordinating and/or executing events (see below) and campaigns, especially during Fashion Revolution Week.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Reach out to and fill out this form.

These City Chapters are up and running!

ZÜRICH Koordinatorinnen: Isabella Gygax / Corinna Mattner

BERN Koordinatorin: Salma Alaoui

GENEVA Coordinatrice: Jeanne von Segesser

LUZERN Koordinatorin: Eliane Grüter

ST.GALLEN Koordinatorin: Carmen Cepon

WINTERTHUR Koordinator*in: Vakant

BADEN Koordinatorin: Katherine Klemenz

BASEL Koordinatorin: Vakant

TICINO Coordinatrice: Letizia Bernaschina